Thursday, June 14, 2012

Out with The Old in with The new

Hello world I am in the mist of something great.  

How would you like up close and personal interview with the hottest entertainers and musicians ? 

Finding out things you always wanted to know ?
Funny , entertaining interviews are what I am going to give you . 

Uhh Duh is transitioning into  ( Drum Roll Please)  .......... A Vlog
Thats right your going to see Me and Get to know the real London Rayn .

Think of it has a backstage pass !

Get ready !

Signed with a Kisss

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My boyfriend hates , that I spend so much time with my mother . Do you think it's a bad thing?

Well depending on how long you have been with this particular boyfriend it may be a problem! There is defiantly nothing  wrong with spending some quality time with your mother but obsessive quality time can be a issue. Are you with her more then him? Does she know everything about the relationship ? Does her advice affect the way you handle relationship situations? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, You should evaluate weather you want to really have a life with  this man!!

When you are in a serious "healthy" relationship your boyfriend/Fiancé/ Husband becomes your new family. The purpose of dating is to find a person that YOU can create a home with.Your mom should understand !
-- Hope This helps
xoxo Signed with a Kiss

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring into Summer

So the weather this past winter in Ohio was unbelievablly loving , lol. With spring popping it's head around the corner it's time to do some Spring and Summer shopping .
Think bright Colors, Girlie chic Pastels, and Girls just want to have fun paring!

I'm seeing a Lot of Floral Prints this year as well as Bright colors!
Don't be afraid of COLOR. If your thinking about Doing color blocking because It's so Hot This Year (Do IT), and matching is so...... Umm  How to Put This " 90's".  Just be careful to use that color wheel, Use complimentary colors.....  Just Have Fun!

( Notice How Each section is a Different Color )- Pair with Neutral Accesories

Here are Your Closets must have that even when you' don't feel like putting on clothes you can still be gorgeous!!!

  • Plain white T or Button Up 

  • Blazers In some Funky Colors
( Paired with 4 in. shorts, Push Up The sleeves, add a Hot Necklace )

  • A Cute Work-out Outfit / Even If you Don't Plan On Working Out !

( Color Blocking ,Work-Out)
  • Hot Shoes

 Cute Flats for Those Umm.. Days

Cute  Wedges  For Your Cute Days !

 Hot JC's For those Can't Touch Me Days !

LAST But Most Important is .....(Drum Roll)

Hope You Enjoyed!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Original Me

You spend so much time searching for designer things.
Do you want it because you like it or because everyone else has it or so it seems!
What do you want ?
You answer idk but you expect to be happy without knowing these things!
Why didn't those past relationships workout?
Still don't know but steady put that ass out!
Well what makes you happy or sad ?
Generic answers well everybody answers like that
Is that your laugh or is it borrowed too How about your style oh kinda sampled too
Be a flier instead of watching someone that flew.
I really wish I had knew You

Knowing who you are and having a clear vision on where your going is what I have done to better me ! Because In the end who needs more copies of copies , I'd rather be the original ME!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Uhh Congrats Jay Z & Beyonce!!!

Hey Loves  , Guess What.........
Finally with all the false speculations around New Years about Beyonce giving birth , Little Beyonce is here!

Confirmed by E news and Washington post Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl at Lenox Hill Hospital on the fourth floor. Reports say the couple rented out the whole floor for $1.3million dollars . Way to get that privacy B! So what's the future Divas name "Blue Ivy Carter".  Still not sure about how I like the name , but I'm sure It will grow on me!

Super excited to see what and whom she looks LIKE!!! 
-----London Rayn  xoxo

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Hey Loves, London Rayn signing in . HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
It's been way to long since I posted and I do apologize about that.

On a Better note IT's the New Year and I am SUUUPER excited . I Love fresh starts and New Years Usually brings around new beginnings for everyone.

I'm doing something different this Year. I am not making any Resolution I am simply just going to be better than I was last year , OR AT LEAST TRY TO BE!

I don't want to fail this year  and New Years alway bring about disappointment for resolution makers, I'm skipping that this year . I just want to live life !

-----XoXO signed with a Kiss
London Rayn