Sunday, March 27, 2011

UHH Duh I Support MGK!

Whats Up y'all London Rayn Checking In, Now everyone knows I Love My Hometown, So It Would be crazy for me Not To Love Cleveland's Own MGK ( Machine Gun Kelly), RIGHT?! Lol Every Since he stepped on The scene I knew He was a Growing force In Cleveland. Check Out The day That changed His Life.
MGK signed To  BadBoy Records is this Official?
*****Is This a good look we all know How Diddy's Track record is with artist. Cheri Dennis , Loon, 112, and Dream where are They now? He is a Great Business Man and Marketing Genius , but can he market anybody besides his self well?

I know what we Need To Do support MGK as soon as his CD Drop Make Them chart Numbers Go Stupid!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Omg Cleveland Stand Up!

What's Happening My Loves? Have some Fire For y'all. Living in Cleveland we are a city with MAD talent but we are Constantly over looked. We are the one stop city in every sense of the Phrase.
We have the Baddest Models
The Most Talented Rappers and Singers
Comedians, Actors, Actress, Fashion Designers , Photographers , Make-up Artist  ,Hair Stylist, Trainers !!!!
Cleveland Stand up ,  I can't stress this enough SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!
That Is ALL!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uhh Look at Me duh Now

What is up World! Now everyone who knows me knows I have a Huge Celeb Crush On Chris Brown! and Guess what the smash hit I can't get enough of has a Video Finally and when I say Its Mad Crazy , I mean Just That ..... Idk i think the only thing that could make it better is ... Eminem maybe on the remix!!!!

******* Check It Out Loves 
              ******* Xoxo 

Uhh Trendy Baby!

So you want to know what the upcoming trend is ? I know you do

Yes, the Vintage Pin-up Girl Look Is in right Now !

How to get this look with a Twist

****Liquid Eyeliner
       Bright Lips  any color will work
       a lot of curls
       tight top , high waisted pants button up can
     all be used  for this look.

Great celeb Inspirations

Katy Perry

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Look Back At It

When You Look in the mirror what do you see
I mean what do you really see
take away your ego 
take away your swag 
who is the person staring back at you 
is it the lie you told to make someone feel better
or the guilt of sleeping with your brothers girl
when your swag fades to lame 
and your nicki becomes the thing of the past 
will your inner match?
Or are you just as fake as your outer facade 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Uhh Lets Talk

Hey Ladies and Gents, London here once again and I have something that we just have to talk about ,   ( Drum roll) ...............Marriage

Back before I could remember you would--- Get married at a young age have more kids then you did fingers ,you tended to the house and your man. But Some where THINGS CHANGED!!!
Where did this change occur why did It happen?

Men aren't trying to put rings on fingers , take care of their children or the house hold. This is strange to me that we have fallen so far from these customs it's scary. The average family in 2011 consist of a mother leading the house hold.I believe this occurrence has thrown off the whole balance of things. WE as woman don't know how to submit to our men any more in our eyes it's  some what considered unorthodox! Could it be that we don't have the example of a functioning healthy relationship , therefore nothing to model ourselves after. So instead of through thick in thin , its hit the roll jack as soon as a obstacle is presented.

Does this mean Marriage could never be a option , No not in the least bit , woman need to trust again as well as learned not to "think" we have to struggle just because a baby is born. Men need to step it up , and actually become the roll they play not so good!

This was just something on my mind, Don't forget to to comment below

--xoxo ---signed with a Kiss