Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Uhh Duh, Music!

 Uhh Ok , I don't care what anyone  say's this young man is a upcoming Great. A lot of people have wrote him off because of  the incident with Ri Ri , but there are always 3 sides to every story . (I'm Goneing to leave that alone) On another note listening to this video makes me feel some kind of way ,like seriously!!! Only a great musicians can make you feel something when you listen to their Music!

*****So I say Give Chris another chance , he is Cute as hell , He can Dance, Sing and you know he can hold is ON ( Lmao) what more do you want, GEESH!


Ummmmm .....  I don't even know where to start. at First Glance I was Like Man is You SERIOUS with this ISH ISH, right here! " I Gone Lie Man I'm 50 Tyson" WHO IN THE HELL SAID  YOU WAS LYING ?  I'm just saying! lol But then I realized that he is really serious about this and he might just have a problem.
*** Well with a Little research I find That he Does In Fact have AUTISM .
Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize; how this occurs is not well understood.


 For more information about Autism :Go to

Monday, September 27, 2010

UHH What Did He say ???

WTF! Did he just repeat himself like 5 times. Omg is it just me or is he lightweight all the way slow or something.I could barely understand what he was saying. Look at Roxci cracking up , just thought the whole thing was funny!!!

***On the bright side he has a nice smile and he already making money. Even though i would love to see him at a job interview!

Interviewer : What qualifies you for this job ?
Waka: I work good, good I work, you know I Like work
Lmao , BOY BYE!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Uhh Duh! I Watched The Movie

I went To the Phoenix Movie Theater last night and what did I see? I Seen Easy A . The movie who's Video blog style kept me and my sis constantly chuckling . Filled with rounchy but sexy clothing and Super crazy characters I give this movie a: A-!
*** Besides a lot of People are SLUTS for real Maybe You can take a Lesson From Ms. Olive in "Easy A"!

I also seen Devil and That Movie really Taught You a Lesson really ! And I am not just talking about  to be afraid of the dark. lol We didn't have a All STAR cast here but  the movie still turned out a okay movie. Not as scary as I might have liked it . But the movie did keep at least the upper part of your thighs  on the edge of the seat ! 
This Movie Receives a :C


Uhh Did You Hear That !

What can you say about Mr. Model?  Born Oct.6 he has been inspiring to make his foot print in this entertainment industry since he was 13.  Sleeping is not a option for this young  music mogul because he stays on the grind. Dropping his first single "Make A Move " at 18. He developed his own spin on the Cleveland  scene and took the world by storm. With his massive lyrical word play and unique sound , he is sure to  make you want more!
*** As If his Hot Body and Baby face isn't enough , he is a SUPER cool gentleman 
** Check Him Out !!

AddressCleveland, OH


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ohio Hip Hop Awards

Pics Coming Soon!


Hey ladies and gents of all ages remember to refer your friends and comment so I can know what you like!*****F.y.E you could end up on here for a category. so be fierce!!!!
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Flash NEWS

Cleveland Rapper Pooh Gutta got into a car accident and well look at the pic. ...

----Get well pooh
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uhh, Music!

What a Talented family ! Not only is Will and Jada Smith great but they produced some great kids. With little Jaden becoming a Film Superstar. Willow won't be left out in the cold , just signed to Roc nation . Willow dropped her first single "Whip My Hair"  and I can see see is a budding MEGA Star!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Elite

The Elite is the above Average  Folks That Have Natural Talent

Today  We Have:

                     WARRENSVILLE HGHTS. 

This group of ladies really care about the overall health of your hair . They make it their buisness to know products that fit your hair care needs. So schedule Today !  216-765-1850

Make-up Artist 

CONTACT: 216-355-3379

Jason has grace the faces of many and is a true artist . Your picture is not complete if it hasn't been blessed by The Famous Jason Kelly!

~Luv Ya Jason!~



Experience life at a stand still! Capture your dreams on camera , this is Dion's passion. You can really tell this is not just a hobby for him. His beautiful artwork can inspire the BLIND!

Cleveland Scene " Where the Party at?"

The Spotlight Is For Cleveland 
 Who's Some  Of the Hottest Rappers and M.C's In Cleveland?

Pooh Gutta  Download his New Mix Tape " Gutta University"

Young Shank 

Where is the Party at ?

Relationships A Plus

GREAT News , Naked season it officially  over ! Women are putting on clothes , Men who have lost their mind will Suddenly find it! Just in the Knick of time , Hibernation is vastly approaching . 

--** Men seemed to miraculously turn themselves around in this season because even though they wont admit it , they like to cuddle just as much as We do!


Fashion Doo's and UHH Don'ts

Hello , Hello Fashion is Great but just because they make it in your size doesn't mean it's for you.
And just because it's "IN " doesn't mean you can wear it all!

The "IN"= Florals and Animal Prints

- But be careful to look at the patterns , animal prints that looks fake is not flattering !

Uhhh NOOO!

The Uhh Don'ts = Bright Colored Skinny Jeans and To much matching ? Ugh
*** Nothings worse than a blue vest with blue pants and blue shoes looking like UHH SMIRF!

The Buzzz

Hey, hey! now everyone just can not stop talking about the VMA's
So much to talk about not enough space. Honestly I was unimpressed this YEAR. Performances by some artist that I won't mention were a little bit (Cough) Dead.

***-Last year everyone couldn't stop talking about the Kanye West disruption, So West and Swift tried to bury the hatched but someone got cold feet and pulled out at the last minute !

- So each took the stage solo!
Kanye preformed his New Single

Swift a Song that Sounded a lot like it was Bashing Kanye, For his Childish Act Last Year!!

>>> I bet $100 I know who had the frozen feet!

Did You See That?

OH WoW!!, You Tube searches are blazing everywhere looking for "LIL B". What is it about his Preschool ,Dr.Seuss Lyrics that makes Him such a Hit?
*** What I actually like about Lil B is that he is fearless, he says what he wants weather it's relevant or well NOT***

Do we have another Souljah Boy Upcoming

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Artist Of The Week

I have to give my first " Artist Of the Week Award " to Justin Bieber . Who would have though that little Canadian boy could have so much soul. He preformed over the weekend at the VMA's and lit the stage on fire, with his great two step and baby face! I say he is the biggest baby star since Lil Bow Wow. I only hope once he goes through puberty , the label know what to DO WITH HIM!!!