Monday, March 7, 2011

Uhh Lets Talk

Hey Ladies and Gents, London here once again and I have something that we just have to talk about ,   ( Drum roll) ...............Marriage

Back before I could remember you would--- Get married at a young age have more kids then you did fingers ,you tended to the house and your man. But Some where THINGS CHANGED!!!
Where did this change occur why did It happen?

Men aren't trying to put rings on fingers , take care of their children or the house hold. This is strange to me that we have fallen so far from these customs it's scary. The average family in 2011 consist of a mother leading the house hold.I believe this occurrence has thrown off the whole balance of things. WE as woman don't know how to submit to our men any more in our eyes it's  some what considered unorthodox! Could it be that we don't have the example of a functioning healthy relationship , therefore nothing to model ourselves after. So instead of through thick in thin , its hit the roll jack as soon as a obstacle is presented.

Does this mean Marriage could never be a option , No not in the least bit , woman need to trust again as well as learned not to "think" we have to struggle just because a baby is born. Men need to step it up , and actually become the roll they play not so good!

This was just something on my mind, Don't forget to to comment below

--xoxo ---signed with a Kiss

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