Sunday, March 27, 2011

UHH Duh I Support MGK!

Whats Up y'all London Rayn Checking In, Now everyone knows I Love My Hometown, So It Would be crazy for me Not To Love Cleveland's Own MGK ( Machine Gun Kelly), RIGHT?! Lol Every Since he stepped on The scene I knew He was a Growing force In Cleveland. Check Out The day That changed His Life.
MGK signed To  BadBoy Records is this Official?
*****Is This a good look we all know How Diddy's Track record is with artist. Cheri Dennis , Loon, 112, and Dream where are They now? He is a Great Business Man and Marketing Genius , but can he market anybody besides his self well?

I know what we Need To Do support MGK as soon as his CD Drop Make Them chart Numbers Go Stupid!

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