Friday, April 22, 2011

Uhh Cloud Nin9?

Whats up world ,London Rayn is bringing it all the way official like always! So I'm up one night browsing Facebook and what do I stumble across???? don't worry I'll wait ! lol

CLOUD NIN9, if y'all are not hip to them, y'all must be sleeping . I'm talking raw uncut talent from the most talented city in the planet CLEVELAND! This probably was the second or third time I had came across their music, so I had to know who are these men? Men in every since of the word because these fellas are talking real ish on their mix tapes. (And did I mention that they have done 2 mix tapes and dropped them already this year, What, what!) They not playing , y'all other artist sleeping and they up all day and night working , Cloud Nin9 stand up!

Their music has the ability to evolve and stand the test of time, music with substance is what I like To call It! Loyalty and determination!!

Check it out and download!

Meet You In Th clouds
xoxo---signed with a Kiss

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