Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kelly Rowland's

Hey Everyone!

"When my sister was on stage ( Killin it like a Mutherfucker) , I was in Rage"-Dirty Laundry

Kelly Rowland is continuing her trail of Blaze hits with a Hot New Single Dirty Laundry .It's Basically a Diary entry roaring through your speakers. She speaks of being in Beyonce's Shadow , Being Battered and Abused. Who Knew all this was going on ? Who was She dating ? I guess I have some home work to do . At first you might suspect the manager who at the time was Mr. Knowles B's Father but as you listen deeper this has to be a ex- boyfriend, with some real issues.  I'm going to get back to you on that ! All I know Your Back Kelly and This is Your Time MaMa !

If your in a Abusive relation leave .... It 1% chance it will get better  , do you want to take that chance No ! If you or any one you know a victim of abuse get help !!!

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