Monday, October 4, 2010

Time To Get Over Your Ex, Uhh Duh!

My friends are constantly calling me for relationship advice so I decided to use some of their questions in London's World! So here Goes a major one ...

" I Love him so much , but he doesn't love me like I love Him Why?"
The problem is your giving him all the power. Stop putting so much into something that isn't working. Guys don't like needy or clingy girls.Waiting for calls ,planning a imaginary wedding, naming children that DO NOT exist. That makes you seem crazy and pushes him away.*** Fall back instead act as thought you don't really care what he does. Just Simply Do You !

"He Keeps Cheating On Me, Why?"

This Is Easy! The key word in this is he KEEPS, Why because in order for him to keep cheating you have to keep taking him back. Don't get me wrong forgiveness is great , but that doesn't mean take him back. When you take him right back every time  you are telling him it's ok , your not going anywhere no matter how many STD s' he opening you up to! YES I said it. **Instead make him show you he is done with that life and ready to be with ONLY you. He can not show you this in a week or a month. Change takes time!

You Can Not Change Any Person, They Have To Change On There On

XOXO --Signed With A Kiss

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