Friday, October 1, 2010

Uhh It's a World Premiere!!


 Who is This Dreday ? My radar was first put up with his song " Light skin vs. Dark skin" that dropped earlier this year simply because it was a different topic. Light skin vs. Dark skin in the black culture is rarely even talked about but it's a issue that should be addressed and Dreday brought it to light. ( but we will get into that on a latter date) . ****  Dreday a Akron native who is destined to be heard , he wouldn't have it any other way ! lol  His New Song "Do It All Night" he speaks of reaching the good life, but  he still realizes he has some common man problems. In this song you can see that  "he doesn't care ,he is going to still reach his potential and Do It All Night !"  ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

**** Keep Up The Good Work
 London Rayn Says : This Gets 4 Stars


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